“How can I sell my Raleigh home when there’s NOTHING to buy?

Dated: March 9 2022

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The Zampieri Group SELL/BUY System

Today's intense housing market has many wondering,

"Have I missed the opportunity to  move from my current home into something better suited for my life today?" 

While it's not as easy to buy a home now vs. say a few years or even a few months ago; particularly with such stiff competition and contingency sales out of the question; not all hope is lost.   It simply requires intentional planning and discipline.  

Where to start? 

Attempting to navigate the home buying or selling process without a seasoned professional is one of the biggest mistakes people make.  It's not easy sharing personal information about finances or other personal circumstances. But providing a full picture is crucial to having the most productive and smooth transition, equating to LESS STRESS. 

Picking the right real estate broker is key.  Having a confidential one-on-one conversation with a trusted professional about your life goals and individual challenges is a very important first step to understanding the best strategy for your specific plans and housing needs.  You are never alone! 

Existing Homeowners 

You've determined you want to sell your house to take full advantage of the massive jump in home values.  You see home buying in Raleigh has never been hotter. 

Now what? 

1.  Set up a meeting with your chosen Realtor for a home visit.  
They will be there to hear and see the updates you've made, the home maintenance you've done and items within the home that may need to be addressed to get the most money for you. 
2. Request a FREE home equity report on YOUR home. 
3.  With your realtor, create a realistic timeline and goal 'go-to-market' date based on the items that need addressing and your personal situation. 
4.  If you wish to buy a new home in Raleigh or buy Triangle Real Estate, or another part of North Carolina or even Country, but need the proceeds from your existing house in order to purchase another home, it's important to discuss with your realtor the following components of a potential sale & move:  

Important things to consider when selling your Raleigh Home

- Seller rent back request when selling your Raleigh home.  This buyes you, the home seller actively looking for a new home, a precious comodity, time.  

- Size of due diligence deposit needed to secure another home, rental, storage, moving company or other necessities to facilitate your move.

- Establishing relationships with real estate professionals in the place you are moving
(if out of area)
- If you are looking for a home in greater Raleigh, getting hyper focused on which towns, neighborhoods or communities are on your hot list, then ranking the 'must-have' features over the 'nice-to-have' features for the new property you wish to buy. This gives your realtor the ability to get laser focused on a plan to FIND that perfect abode for you through direct homeowner outreach, off-market properties, realtor networking and for sale by owner properties.   

- Does it make sense to sell; store your household belongings in a moving pod and rent an extended stay for a month or 2?  This could allow you to buy a home CASH while providing some breathing room as we locate the perfect property to fit your needs.
- Maybe you want to cash out and hold your profits for 6 or 12 months while you decide your next life steps or are waiting to see what will happen in society. 
What do rents look like in your desired area for a 6 or 12 month timeframe?   Do you have an opportunity to live with a relative or friend during the interim?

These are all components that your Raleigh real estate professional will navigate with you.  

When you break it down into managable pieces and make a plan, it takes away the fear of the unknown and empowers you to make sound choices that are within your control.  

Then it's.....


Call me directly at 919.609.5206 to take that first step!  There is no charge, we are simply having a conversation about YOU, your dreams and your goals.  Hop over to my website to see ALL available Raleigh homes for sale; as well as the rest of the Triangle.   

Cheers to Spring! 

Tonia Zampieri, Broker/Owner
Zampieri Group, brokered by eXp Realty LLC

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