15 Reasons this Female Entrepreneur Chose Exp Realty

Dated: April 2 2019

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15 Reasons this Female Entrepreneur Chose Exp Realty + = WIN
This week marks the 1 year anniversary of my start with Exp Realty.  Here I share why it’s my brokerage of choice and why I”m here to stay.  

Please share this with any realtor, seasoned or new, you know.


  1. Innovative - I launched a mobile app company in 2009.  I see where things are going before GQ public.   Exp is the first ever brokerage to be completely in the cloud. Better yet, they own the technology platform. They are forward thinkers with the most comprehensive set of technology I’ve seen in the real estate industry.  And I"ve seen a few.

  2. Entrepreneurial - Exp has created a business model that allows every single person to prosper as much as the company prospers.  National company= no franchises. Share in REVENUE not profits. Those who help the company grow - prosper as the the company prospers.

  3. Democratic - I’ve never seen company leadership more invested in cross collabotation with technology partners and agents alike.  No top down approach here. No snoozing and resting on their laurels. We are in growth mode as 1 united team. It’s etremely energizing to be part of such momentum.

  4. Iterative - they aren’t perfect and don’t pretend to be.  They listen to the people who make the company what it is - the agents.  And are constantly self-improving, just as each of us as individuals and professionals aim to as well. Those who don’t fit that model don’t make it long-term in a setting like this.

  5. Egalitarian - no back office deals here!  Every agent is on the same plan.  16K cap. No favoritism or nepotism.  You are rewarded for the effort and difference you make.  EVERYONE is afforded the same opportunities.

  6. My OWN business - I am creating a brand (more soon to come) that is POWERED BY EXP. No required fonts, colors, etc.  I choose! My clients needs come FIRST. Not the owner of the company I work for. I choose the professional fees that work best for my values and business model.  

  7. No franchise or office fees - but I can take 5% of my earnings and purchase stock at a discount.  And I can go into one of the 14 Regus office space locations in my immediate market and work whenever I want.

  8. Leadership opportunities - I became a certified mentor to help newer agents achieve early success so they can earn a good living, take care of their families and acheive their dreams.  

  9. Sustainable model and solid vision - “You get what you pay for”. Yep, other agencies tout less annual company cap.  But smart growth to stay relevant to today’s rapid technology shifts is required. And that takes capital.  I’m willing to pay more to be part of a company that isn’t about luring me in with the lowest possible fees to gain in the short term but lag in the long term.

  10. Connected - If I have a question there is no lack of people available to help me.  If I need support or encouragement, it is literally at my fingertips.

  11. Growth - Travel is in my bones.  Exp is going places. 2019 brings 2 new countries beyond all 50 US states and Canada.  Who’s ready for shimp on the barbie??

  12. Free leads!  It’s almost overwhelming the numerous ways EXP agents can leverage the technology at our disposal to gain traction in our business.  As someone with a software and mobile tech background, I’m beyond impressed.

  13. FUN - I get to focus on what I enjoy and will prosper at. No one size fits all approach.  I am not told I have to cold call. I am not told I can’t do this video. I am not told I cannot provide a lower rate for my services when it makes business sense.  

  14. Unafraid - It’s ALWAYS better to be on the offensive than defensive position.  Innovate, create, iterate. Repeat. That seems to be Exp's mantra. Others will always find fault - especially when losing their edge, are in fear and disbelief.  Other large firms are having to make MAJOR pivots attempting to avert the train wreck of market share loss, even though they have “no other choice.”

  15. ME.   My 9 year real estate journey of 2 national franchise firms and 2 boutique firms has been like goldilocks and the 3 bears with her poridge.   THIS one is too hot. THIS one is too cold. And this one is JUSSSSSST RIGHT!


Exp Realty gives me the support and access to technology I need to run my business.  They instill a culture and values that compels me to share my experience so others may enjoy the same.  This, coupled with the revenue model and autonomy to build a business that reflects my dreams and values.   If we continue to be the company I have experienced the last 12 months, I’m staying for life. And if you know me well, you know THAT is an enourmous detour from my past.  

If this resonates with you, please connect with me for a private/confidential conversation at 919.609.5206. Fully explained zoom calls happen twice a week. Let's build dreams together!

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