5 reasons to hire an EXPERIENCED REALTOR®

Dated: July 22 2020

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1 - Market Knowledge

Buying or selling a property is not always easy. Which area to choose? What price to sell my house? An experienced real estate agent will advise you on neighborhoods, on prices, and on the quality of a property. They will be your guide to help make the best possible choice.

2 - Transaction Coordination

During a real estate transaction, you will receive a lot of documents, some to sign and some just to read. Your real estate agent is there to do all the processing in the background and to deliver correct and error-free documents. This will save you time, energy and stress.  Your agent is there to help you with any questions or concerns.  

3 - Stakeholder management

During a home sale or purchase process, a lot of outside stakeholders come into play: the home inspector, the photographer, the building measurements, the surveyor, closing attorney..the list goes on!

It can quickly become overwhelming. The advantage of a knowledgable real estate agent? They know trusted people and fully coordinate your appointments. They will also provide deadines and reminders throughout the process, saving time and reducing anxiety. 

4 - No Emotions

Selling or buying is a stressful step that takes place over several weeks. When the process begins, you can quickly find yourself lost with so much information to take in. Your real estate agent becomes your greatest ally. They are more than a friend because they know your needs and desires and hold those in high regard. They will be able to guide without emotional implications,  helping you make the very best decision.  A decision that impacts one of the biggest aspects of your life - where you spend the majority of your time - your home. 

5 - Negociation skills

Whether it's making an offer or selling your property, an excellent real estate agent guides you to make the right decisions and turn those decisions into a bargaining force - CRITIAL WHEN THE MARKET IS TIGHT! A sale or a purchase involves many exchanges with multiple stakeholders and the slightest misstep can sometimes be expensive. These are the decisions of a lifetime. They should not be taken lightly. You have to know how to be reactive and understand all the process and details to get the best results.

Tonia Zampieri, owner and broker-in-charge of Zampieri Group, brokered by eXp Realty has nearly 10 years of full time real estate experience.  She and her team offer the best strategies and knowledge to help you as a consumer, achieve YOUR life goals. 

Take a look at what some of her past clients have to say. Testimonials

Call or text her at 919.609.5206 to set up your private and confidential virtual appointment.  

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5 reasons to hire an EXPERIENCED Realtor

1 - Market KnowledgeBuying or selling a property is not always easy. Which area to choose? What price to sell my house? An experienced real estate agent will advise you on neighborhoods, on prices,

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