Money is Energy - Let's keep it movin' Raleigh

Dated: April 14 2020

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Today, like many days over the last few weeks, I had some feelings of what I can only describe as 'guilt'...for being able to still work as a Realtor.  While the Spring market is certainly not POPPING, housing is essential and people are still buying and selling homes.   I realized after listening to this Marie Forlio podcast I actually have a RESPONSIBILITY to keep things moving in our beloved greater Raleigh and Triangle community.  

My role as a realtor helps support SO many local small businesses!  In fact, one of my favorite parts of being in real estate is my ability to connect people with one another for mutual benefit.   I encourage you, if you are still working and are able to pay your bills, if you are considered essential, please consider keeping our local economy going by giving, either through a donation or through hiring a small business as needed.  

Here are a few area groups worth giving to:

Here are just a few of the local small businesses and local professionals I partner with and support:

I have MANY more to share, so if you don't see a service and have a need, say for home cleaning or painting or home repairs, give me a ring and I would be delighted to connect you with a local small business owner. 

Many thanks for your support - Tonia Zampieri, eXp Realty


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