Resources abound for Women & Minority owned NC Businesses

Dated: March 13 2019

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So many amazing qualities make calling North Carolina home!

One of them is the massive amount of resources available to women and people of color wishing to start or grow their own business.  

I am an entrepreneur who also happens to be a real estate broker.  I started my first business at the age of 19.  I ran a pet care business to pay my way through college.  It taught me the value of serving others, on building a solid reputation based on trust, care and the golden rule.  

I've carried those priorities through all my endeavors, including my real estate business. 

Recently, I attended a session hosted by the  Women's Business Center of NC.  It was titled "show me the money" and included a panel of several non-traditional funders who specialize in supporting the growth of small businesses throughout our beautiful state. 

These funders included: 

Thread Capital

More for larger scale tech start-ups:

The Women's Business Center of NC offer amazing services from developing a business plan to connecting fledgling start-ups with the people and resources. 

Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage, passion and committment.  It's important to have the right support and education to achieve one's dreams.  We cannot create and offer our best without the support of our community. 

I always say, "we are all in this crazy world together."   Supporting our local small businesses and the people brave enough to go out and live their passions is close to my heart.  

What kind of local small business would you like to see in our Triangle community? 

Are you thinking of launching your own business, growing your business, or know someone here in the Triangle who is?

 Feel free to connect with me directly at or connect on one of my social channels:

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PS:  Shout out to local business owner Gayle Placke and her wonderful horse training and trail ride facility Blue Moon Equestrian in Garner, NC. I started lessons there last week and she is specacular. Check me out! 

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