Stuck at home? Check my top 5 property searches (beach and local)

Dated: March 14 2020

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With more home time for us all, I thought it might be fun to share a few real estate links - both locally here in the greater Triangle, NC market - as well as a few beach destinations... 

1.  I JUST returned from a trip to St. Augustine & St. Aug Beach.  What a fantastic spot! 

I'm now obsessed with real estate there, so thought I'd share.  St. Augustine is growing, but real estate is still a great value.  Call me (919.609.5206) if you're interested in learning more about an investment (Airbnb/short term), 2nd home or actually moving there.   

2.  RALEIGH - it may be the most popular spot to buy a home in the entire STATE at the moment.  

Here are a few lists depending on your preferences:


- RALEIGH Resale - under 500K
- RALEIGH Resale - Over 500K 

3.  BACK TO THE BEACH!  This time, here in North Carolina.  One of my favorites - Atlantic Beach.  I love it's proximity to Beaufort (and the ponies of Shakleford).  It's not as crowded as the Wilmington, NC area. Offers GREAT wreck scuba diving in nearby Moorhead City, NC....
I also found the BEST piece of seaglass there.  It's a gem.  Again, anyone interested in this area or other parts of NC Beaches, I can help! 

(I am not making the big announcement yet but I WILL be expanding my real estate business to NC beaches, stay tuned!) 

4.  The fastest growing county in all of North Carolina?  JOHNSTON COUNTY just due east/south of Wake/Raleigh - Indeed, with the upcoming opening of AMAZON here, the jobs and housing market are popping. It's far more affordable real estate than Wake County.   This includes the towns of:  Clayton, Smithfield, Benson, Kenley & Four Oaks.  

 - JOHNSTON County - new construction

JOHNSTON County - resale 

5.  Last but not least - people are wanting more SPACE.  Many of us are not fans of restrictive HOA's - or seeing our neighbor pick his nose through the window. 

Here's a list of all TRIANGLE properties that sit on at least 4 acres or more.   

What area is of most interest to you? 

Are there other parts of North Carolina or the WORLD you'd like the real estate scoop? 

Let me know, I've got some extra time on my hands! 

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