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I’m a lucky man.

I know this, but you don’t have to take my word for it – you can ask my wife! I have been for as long as I’ve been keeping score. I do believe you have to work to put yourself in favorable conditions, but sometimes the randomness of life gives you a gift. We met Tonia at an event before we were in the market to buy a home. When we were finally ready we went pretty far down the path to buying and then stopped abruptly. The time and location wasn’t quite right. We decided instead to look in the Raleigh area and after using some of the self-service real estate tools and apps out there decided we needed a realtor looking out for us. Luckily for us, we had Tonia’s number. You might have been wondering why I started with that “luck” stuff. Please read on! It was clear after our very first tour with Tonia that she had a feel for what we wanted – and didn’t want – in a home. This was critical because we were living 4+ hours away and we had to be efficient with our time in the Raleigh area. I honestly couldn’t tell you how many homes we toured. It wasn’t a small number, but Tonia made sure our time was well spent. The touring schedule and order made sense. If it was clear a house we were in wasn’t for us, we didn’t waste any more time on it and moved on to the next. When we found our home, the same was true. We knew immediately we’d found it. This is where she continued to shine! We had an offer letter structured and sent to the seller shortly thereafter. She knew what was needed and when and how to form a compelling offer while still getting a great deal – and boy did we get a great deal?! She helped with inspections, even being there when we couldn’t. Negotiated concessions for us. She was an unblinking real estate force. Excited to learn about our new city and find our new favorites, everything shut down due to COVID-19. I’ve been largely confined to our new investment for the last couple of months. If I was going to regret it, I can’t imagine a quicker way to do so. Far from it – not a week goes by that I don’t shake my head in disbelief that this is my family’s house, and without Tonia, I don’t know I’d be lucky enough to say so! If you’re reading this, consider yourself fortunate also to have found her, however you did so. I’m sure you’ll make a great team!

Steve Taylor

Tonia was always there for us throughout the building process.


Tonia was awesome in the home buying and selling experience.

She was professional and efficient in getting my house sold in 4 days!!! She understood every step of the process and delivered above expectations. I would use her services in the future without a doubt and would refer any of my friends and family to contact her for there real estate needs.

Rodney Jones

I was lucky enough to meet Tonia Zampieri in 2007 and she has helped me with several home purchases over the years.

 I trust Tonia implicitly. Given my busy schedule owning and managing restaurants, I’ve not always been the easiest client to nail down.  Her hard work, flexibility and patience made all the difference in buying my family’s homes. I look forward to working with her again soon to sell my sister’s house and get her into a new home this summer.  She’s my go-to Realtor for the Triangle, I gladly refer business to her whenever I get the chance. 

Alex A.

When seeking out the right realtor a lot of factors come to mind.

Network strength, regional knowledge, expert negotiator, flexible and adaptive, responsiveness, diligence, unflinching team mentality and a hardcore bulldog attitude. These are the characteristics you really want working on your side. Right? Impossible to find in one person, I thought. So I better prepare to simply find someone that can embody a few of these important characteristics and move on wishing for the best. Then I met Tonia Zampieri. A beautiful woman inside and out and as kind as they come. She cannot possibly be this nice and sweet and still go to the bargaining table on my behalf. No way! Then she showed me a handful of houses that were exactly what I was looking for along with a few that were slightly above my budget. Almost as if she had access to a secret extra layer on top of the MLS in Raleigh's exploding market that no one else had. I fell in love five times. Then my financial conditions changed over night for the worse. I expected to fall out of the market disappointing myself and family and my realtor. Tonia's response, "No problem at all. I'll have a solution before the sun goes down, don't worry about this. I got your back." I couldn't believe her. There was no way. I was completely wrong. Two weeks later with all of Tonia's determination and quick thinking, I was putting an offer on a house that I thought was way out of reach before my snag and certainly impossible following my financial snag. Not the case. She's remarkable. She's positive and she's one of the most determined people in real estate I have ever met. Curve balls come from all angles when you're looking to buy or sell a house. Tonia is someone who can read the pitch before it's thrown and prepare you for it with an abundance of foresight and guidance. I cannot imaging putting anyone else on my team. If you want someone simply to work hard for you, call another realtor. If you want someone brilliant to work smart for you, to tie your happiness to the very best deal, call Tonia.

Steven Keith

I interviewed 3 realtors to list my home and selected Tonia because of her responsiveness, professional demeanor, process to sell my home and her overall positive attitude.

 She’s able to read people and took the extra time to explain in detail, things I didn’t understand. That, coupled with her skill at staying calm throughout the entire process, made getting over asking price icing on the cake! I already recommend Tonia when I hear of anyone with a real estate need and will continue to do so. She is top notch!

Flora Lea L.

Everything was streamlined with Tonia!

She answered all the questions I had and made the homebuying process a wonderful experience. I would definitely recommend her services if you're looking to buy in the Triangle. 🙂

Brandon Von

In September 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, Tonia was instrumental in helping to get my home sold within 24 hours.

She priced it competitively and held my hand when needed, as it had been about 15 years since I had prepped a home for sale. Of course, the Triangle area is full of real estate professionals. I chose Tonia because I have known her for nearly 14 years, and I have watched her place her clients’ best interests above her own desire to earn a commission. She is a person of integrity, for sure! I trust Tonia implicitly, and look forward to working with her again!

Darleen M.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tonia Zampieri when I decided to buy a home in Raleigh.

 From the start, Tonia was always accommodating, whether to show houses, answer questions or provide helpful guidance. In addition to her personable communication style, she was diligent in researching the neighborhoods I was interested in, and once I found my favorite, Tonia unfailingly kept my best interests in mind.  Thank you, Tonia, for ensuring that the unfamiliar process of purchasing a home went as smoothly and efficiently as possible!

Enya G.
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"After relocating from Long Island to Raleigh, we were fortunate enough to find Tonia's name on Zillow and reach out to her. We quickly found a house that fit the bill in West Raleigh near Cary(not an easy task in the competitive Raleigh market), and she worked with us from start and beyond finish - explaining the differences between NY and NC closings, negotiating with the builder on our behalf for fencing/porch screens, finding a reputable inspector, and even helping us find great lawn care after we moved in. If we decide to relocate again, I won't hesitate to reach back out to her again for her services."
5 /5.0
by brian e loftin
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